Prince Edward Island is the smallest province of Canada. It benefits from a coastal climate due to its location in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This moderates the temperature extremes in summer and winter, as compared to the central provinces. On the other hand, the province gets blizzards in the winter which can bring it to a standstill. The winter of 2014-2015 broke many records.  Probably the most famous is the amount of snow PEI got that year – 18 feet vs 9.5 feet on average, i.e. almost twice as much!

The province is sometimes called the ‘Green Island’ because it is covered by rolling hills of farmed fields. However, the fertile soil itself is red, from the iron oxides in it. PEI is also called ‘Potato Island’ thanks to its main crop. Water for agriculture and gardens – and everything else – comes from the ground. The aquifer is replenished by precipitation.

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