AUSTRALIA – Gardens with unique challenges

Australia is both a country and a continent. It has a mostly hot and dry climate. This can be quite a challenge for having a nice lawn around one’s property. This type of climate can trigger devastating brush and forest fires. Therefore, emphasis is put on growing plants that will not increase this risk. Efforts are also being made to promote growing native grasses instead of conventional lawns. Native grasses require less water. Australia is an ideal land to practice xeriscaping, which is a growing technique that uses less water.

The major part of Australia is made of desert land, the ‘Outback’, which covers the center of the country.¬† This means that the majority of the population lives in cities. Australia has tropical¬† rain forests in the north and temperate mountain ranges in the south. Even skiing is possible in the Australian Alps in the winter.

Only one garden was visited in this vast country (using time between flights to New Zealand) which obviously does not do justice to what can be found – and admired – ‘down under’.

Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

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